Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Mobile Dental USA?

Dentists For Seniors (Mobile Dental USA) is a team of dental professionals that provides quality dental treatment wherever it is the most convenient to the patient. Compassionate dental care is also available for the physically, mentally and health impaired individuals.

I am a diabetic and I would like to know why my doctor told me to have my teeth cleaned.

Diabetics are prone to infections and the mouth contains many infectious bacteria. A healthy mouth can help to stabilize a diabetic’s condition. Having a healthy mouth is a great way to improve your body’s health.

Can you provide dental care to people that live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?

Yes, we also go to private homes, apartments and senior residency complexes.

How can dental treatment be done outside a dental office?

Dentists For Seniors (Mobile Dental USA)’s dental teams have years of dental experience and the unique capability to turn any location into a portable dental office. Dentists For Seniors (Mobile Dental USA) brings its state of the art portable dental equipment directly into a person’s residency. A portable dental unit (about the size of a large suitcase) is wheeled into the patient’s living quarters. It features a drill, high and low velocity evacuation system, air/water syringe, a self contained holding tank and bottled water. The transferable dental chair is carried into the residency. Another piece of dental equipment that joins the others is a hand- held x-ray unit. Resembling a large blow dryer, it is used to take digital x-rays that appear on a lap-top computer instantaneously! Various sterilized instruments and dental materials are also brought in according to the type of treatment that is going to be rendered.

Where in the home do you treat a patient?

The living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom are ideal locations. A portable dental chair can be brought into any of these areas. If a patient is unable to sit in this chair, treatment can still take place while sitting in a wheel-chair, a recliner already in the house or in the patient’s bed. Every effort is made to make the patient comfortable.

Where do you treat patients that live in a facility?

Most places have a medical room, activities room or beauty shop that can be used. If there is space available, patients can also be seen in their rooms. If necessary, a patient can receive dental treatment in his or her bed.

What type of dental care can be provided?

Most procedures that are done in a dental office can be done onsite. Cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, partials, dentures and root canals are performed on a regular basis.

Do you take Medicaid or Medicare?

No. We do not process paperwork for Medicaid or Medicare.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 855-996-3872 and our friendly team will help you make an appointment.

Do I need any specific information to make an appointment?

Yes. Information needed is:

• Patient’s name
• Address and phone number where patient is residing
• Name, address and phone number of person responsible for patient’s account.
• Name of dental insurance company and the name of the employer furnishing dental insurance
• Patient’s birthday
• Social Security Number
• Reason for dental appointment ( Toothache? Broken tooth? Needs cleaning, etc.)
• Is patient taking a blood thinner? (Coumadin, Plavix)
• Is patient allergic to any medications?
• Is patient allergic to latex gloves?
• Does the patient have any metal pins or replacements parts in body? ( Knee replacement, etc.)
• A list of medications the patient is taking.
• Any heart conditions?
• At previous dental appointments-did the patient need to take an antibiotic before dental appointments?
• If so, Why?
• What is the name of the antibiotic?